DAX: Dipping briefly back inside the 12900 to 13200 range that has dominated since November..Chart from Analyst, Nicole Elliott, Investors Chronicle


DAX SHORT TERM TRADER: Short at 13290; stop above 13550. Target 12900.



Record year for China Trade and commodities

December trade data from China published this morning shows exports grew 10.8 per cent and imports by a whopping 18.7 per cent this year taking this month’s trade surplus to 362 billion yuan (highest in a year). The surplus with the US set a record at $275 billion while imports from North Korea slumped by 81 per cent. Demand for commodities continues to rise with a new records set for crude oil and iron ore imports.

As is the fashion in the European Union, talks between politicians drag on through the night on the very last deadline date. This has been the case last night with Chancellor Angela Merkel who, three months after managing the poorest election result for the CSU party which she heads up, is still trying to form a government. Allegedly fuelled by currywurst, she is in the process of negotiating with the SPD whether to launch formal talks to form a grand coalition (having failed at her previous attempt at wooing two other political parties).


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