EUR/GBP: We saw red yesterday so happy to be backing the bears for now, looking for 8828 next, then 8771-78. Chart/Analysis – Clive Lambert


Profile charts say: “8876-79 is a support to watch….” – This is where we bounced from last Monday and again on Friday; something for the bulls, that.


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Clive Lambert is the founder, and continues to be the main contributor, for FuturesTechs. He has been in the City for 30 years, has been in the Futures Market for 25+ years as a Broker and Trader, and has been writing Technical Analysis for over 15 years. He is a Board Member of the U.K. Society of Technical Analysts. He has spoken at several of the Society's monthly meetings over the years and has also been enlisted as a regular lecturer on the Society's annual Diploma Course, covering a wide range of subjects. He was on the board between 2003 and 2011 and rejoined in 2015.