Pathetic Volume, Gold Bumbles Around, Oil Remains Flat – By Todd Horwitz, Bubba Trading


They’re expecting unbelievable earnings. The question is will the companies be able to match those expectations? My guess is no. I would think we’re coming to the end of this run. The whole picture looks murky.

The grains had an interesting reversal. You saw them plummet then close higher. We’re buyers of grains, beef and hogs.


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Todd Horwitz - Author of “Average Joe Options“. Todd began his trading career in 1980 at the CBOE. He was one of the original traders in the OEX & helped start the SPX. He is a member the CME where he trades S&P futures as well as foreign currencies & is a regular contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg, BNN, Fox & many other major news networks.