SUPREME COURT SHORT LIST. Eleventh-hour lobbying campaign furiously underway, with the President & his team fielding calls from senators, conservative activists, donors & friends..By Todd Horwitz,


President Donald Trump’s search for a Supreme Court justice to succeed Anthony Kennedy is focusing on a trio of federal judges, with a decision expected this week in anticipation of an announcement on Monday, people familiar with the search said.

Following a brisk round of interviews Monday and Tuesday, the three front-runners at this late stage in the president’s search are all U.S. appeals court judges: Brett Kavanaugh of Maryland, of the D.C. Circuit; Raymond Kethledge of Michigan, of the Sixth Circuit; and Amy Coney Barrett of Indiana, of the Seventh Circuit.

Mr. Trump, who spent part of the Fourth of July holiday at his golf club in northern Virginia, has been taking advice from lawmakers and trusted confidants as he settles on a nominee who could set a new direction for a high court split between conservative and liberal factions that have dueled for years.

An eleventh-hour lobbying campaign is furiously underway, with the President and his team fielding calls from senators, conservative activists, donors and friends who are trying to argue the case for or against one of the leading contenders. 

Even though the federal government is closed for Independence Day, aides said, the President is expected to take calls and speak with people about the search throughout the day and even into evening at his July 4th party at the White House. Officials have made it clear that time is running out for senators to convey their thoughts to the President before he makes his pick.

Vice President Mike Pence has met with more than one Supreme Court contender this week, a person familiar with the search process tells CNN.

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