Predicted Stock Rally Fueled by FEDERAL RESERVE Bubble Builders – Todd Horwitz, Bubba Trading


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Chair Powell hates free markets. He want to continue to build up this bubble. Our first inclination is to sell rallies but I want to make sure we’re going to fail at these levels. Grains under a lot of pressure, I think that’s just a buying opportunity. I think the money will flow back into the grain markets. Cryptos got clobbered – a lot of it has to do with The Fed. They hate the Crypto Currency market because it will destroy The Federal Reserve.

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Todd Horwitz - Author of “Average Joe Options“. Todd began his trading career in 1980 at the CBOE. He was one of the original traders in the OEX & helped start the SPX. He is a member the CME where he trades S&P futures as well as foreign currencies & is a regular contributor to CNBC, Bloomberg, BNN, Fox & many other major news networks.