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Mike Vacchi from Princetontrader Futures Trading Education in his Daily Webcast analysis of S&P Futures for beginners and experienced traders seeking the best in Futures Trading Education. Risk focused trading for all! email: for FREE TRIAL

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About the author

My name is Michael Vacchi. After trading in the markets part time for several years I gradually gave up my law practice to become a full-time futures trader. I focus primarily on trading the e-Mini using my proprietary Pivot Points, volatility levels and Fibonacci retracements to project price movement. Volatility levels are areas in which buying or selling is likely to become exhausted. Allowing for a reversal of prior direction, or conversely, a breakout above those levels to bring in new buyers or sellers to a market. The use of the volatility levels and pivot points can be equally applied in index trading, energy markets, metals and grains. These levels have been used with great success in chats rooms and with traders and we are proud to bring them to everyone as a part of our Princetontrader Premium Service. I also produce a daily Market Webcast viewed by hundreds of futures traders.