FTSE: Overbought with a dragonfly doji at this year’s high has some of the hallmarks of an interim top. Chart & Levels from Analyst, Nicole Elliott – Investors Chronicle.


FTSE SHORT TERM TRADER: Looking for signs to re-sell.


EU wage growth slows in Q4 2018 And may have peaked

Data from Eurostat showed that in the final quarter of 2018 wages across the Eurozone grew at an average 3 per cent, slowing across nearly all member states and in all areas of employment. Wages in the Eurozone grew at an average 2.3 per cent, running at 2.4 per cent in Germany from Q3’s 2.7 per cent and at 1.9 per cent in France from 1.6 per cent. In Britain wages in the 3 months to January grew at 3.4 per cent as unemployment dropped to 3.9 per cent. Britain now has a record 32.7 million people in work, up almost half a million from a year ago. In typical establishment style Tej Parikh of the Institute of directors warned, ‘’with uncertainty around Brexit reaching a crescendo, firms are becoming more cagey over their hiring decisions’’.

Today at 21:58 GMT is the spring equinox marking the mid-point between summer and winter and the official start to Spring. Today will also, at 22:00 GMT, mark 1,000 days since the referendum result to leave the EU was announced. Light at the end of the tunnel?

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