S&P “..reminded that yesterday marked the 10th anniversary since the post-financial crash low at 666..” Chart & Levels from Analyst, Nicole Elliott – Investors Chronicle.


S&P SHORT TERM TRADER: Short at 2775; stop a bit above 2820. Target 2600.

S&P POSITION TAKER: Short at 2795; stop above 2875. Target 2600.


Sino-US relations take a turn for the worse Huawei to sue US government

From its base in Shenzhen yesterday, rotating Huawei chairman Guo Ping accused the US Congress of acting as ‘’judge, jury and executioner’’ when it banned the government from buying any of the telecom company’s equipment. They have filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas against the ‘unconstitutional’ move

At today’s ECB meeting interest rates should be kept on hold at their current negative 40 basis points. However, they are widely expected to introduce further measures to try and prop up the Eurozone’s ailing economy. Measures might include even more cheap loans, targeting banks in particular. This would be seen as a dramatic loss of face and back-pedalling on the trumpeted ending of quantitative easing – which was only wrapped up in December.

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