S&P ‘If that plays out, it would mark the first year-on-year earnings contraction since the second quarter of 2016.’ Chart & Levels from Analyst, Nicole Elliott – Investors Chronicle.


S&P POSITION TAKER: Short at 2800; stop above 2900. Target 2550.


EU leaders work through the night
And come up with a Hallowe’en trick or treat

Like a cabal of witches sitting at their circular table, stirring the cauldron at its centre, European Union heads of state have decided to give Theresa May leave to remain until the 31st October – though she can extricate herself from their clutches sooner if the British Parliament signs off their existing, grisly agreement deal. Donald Tusk tells her ‘’don’t waste Brexit overtime’’.

Bloomberg reports that Amazon has thousands of employees listening in on what customers are telling Alexa, their digital assistant, from their homes and offices. Commands and background conversations are ‘transcribed, annotated and fed back into the software in order to try and improve Alexa’s understanding of human speech’. Big sister!

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