THIS IS GETTING RIDICULOUS. Get the tents up because you will not want to miss this three-ring circus! By Todd Horwitz, Bubba Trading.


If you thought last week was goofy in Washington you were only seeing the beginning of the insanity that can only happen there. The current episode started when Nike decided that they should pull a special shoe that was made as a tribute to Betsey Ross and the original flag. Colin Kaepernick, a failed football player and an advisor to Nike found the shoe “offensive” as it was a time when slavery existed. He convinced the company to remove the shoe from the market. Apparently, no one bothered to research Ms. Ross or they would have found out that she was extremely outspoken against slavery!

Then the “big four” freshman congresswomen said that Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi, was also a racist and that action needed to be taken on that front. Mr. Trump tweeted that although he and the Speaker had many differences in opinion that Ms. Pelosi was not a racist and the “big four” owed her an apology. This created a new wave of Mr. Trump being called a racist and in fact Rep. Al Green (D. Texas) said enough was enough that Mr. Trump was not fit to be president and that he needed to immediately be impeached. This is the 3rd time Mr. Green has called for his impeachment; however, the vote didn’t quite do what he expected as it was defeated by 332-95.

Mr. Trump and Ms. Pelosi have enough political savvy to know that the political impeachment will just end in an acquittal in the senate and that this one could backfire on the Dems. Mr. Trump is goading the Dems as he sees this as a chance to really load the boat for potential middle of the road voters and this will almost surely seal his election in 2020.

And finally, the best. California governor Gavin Newsome is supporting a new bill in California 27B which would eliminate a candidate for president from being on the primary ballot if they did not allow their Federal Taxes to be made public. The last time a candidate for president did not reveal their Federal Taxes was Gerald Ford and no one cared. So, if this passes what is the next move deciding whether a candidate should be allowed to run for president in that state or better yet why bother with elections? The ruling party in the house of representatives simply appoints the next president.

Wait till the Mueller report hits on the 24th. Get the tents up because you will not want to miss this three-ring circus!

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz


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