GBPUSD: Mark Carney..a case of sour grapes..factually incorrect and unhelpful – to say the least, let alone professional. Chart/Levels from Analyst, Nicole Elliott – Investors Chronicle.


The pound in your pocket Buys another round of beers

Data published yesterday showed that the number of unemployed in the UK dropped yet again in July taking it down to a new record low of 3.8 per cent, as agreed by international standards (ILO). Meanwhile average earnings grew by 3.8 per cent Y/Y, including bonuses by 4.0 per cent – the highest wage growth since 2009. Meanwhile pub chain Wetherspoons’ boss Tim Martin, who had decided to cut what it charges for a pint of beer to as little as £1.39, was forced into promising brewers they would not have to take a hit; the Society of Independent Brewers had written to him complaining bitterly.

CNBC reports that China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange will scrap quotas for investments foreigners may make in its domestic markets. This move will ‘’make it much more convenient for overseas investors to participate in China’s domestic financial markets, making China’s bond and stock markets more broadly accepted by international markets’’.

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