S&P: US tariffs on Chinese imports started yesterday and no doubt the fight between the two will continue. Chart/Levels from Analyst, Nicole Elliott – Investors Chronicle.


AfD is here to stay’’ says party leader Andreas Kalbitz Sunday elections cement them in second place

Weekend elections in the East German states of Brandenburg and Saxony saw the two mainstream parties do better than feared, but right-wing Alternative for Germany made strong gains, with 23.5 per cent and 27.8 per cent of the electorate in the states, respectively. Brandenburg was won by the SPD with 26.2 per cent and Saxony was won by the CDU (Angela Merkel’s party) with 32.3 per cent; both are the worst result for each party in these states since Unification, reports the Financial Times.

It’s September and officially autumn in the northern hemisphere, and bang on time hurricane season started in the Caribbean. Slow-moving top-rated category 5 hurricane Dorian hit some of the islands in the Bahamas yesterday, with winds of up to 220 mph and the risk of flooding up to 7 feet and storm surge. Currently about 200 miles from Florida, it’s expected to move that way early this week and then on to Georgia and the Carolinas. Remember, today is the Labour Day holiday in the US marking the official end to summer.

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