CHINA – WHY NOT PAKISTAN? “There are a lot of countries out there that Mr. Biden may once have done business..” By Todd Horwitz, Bubba Trading.


On Friday the U.S. Labor department reported that the U.S. had added 136,000 new jobs in September. The addition of those jobs put unemployment at a record 50-year low. The department also said that figures for August and September are being revised upward. Whether or not these numbers will fight off the coming recession no one know can know for sure. But if we took a snapshot of the economy it is pretty hard not to argue that we are at the top of the economic cycle. Interest rates are low, housing and equity prices are near all-time highs. Minority wages are at record levels as is minority business ownership. The question is how long will the economy stay here? Nothing good lasts forever, but Mr. Trump is hoping it will hold up for 13 more months.

Speaking of the President it was another great week for the impeachment. He has decided to take the greatest tactic a defensive lawyer can use, and that is to get everyone in the pot. This week he advanced his agenda from Ukraine to China. One more name that has to be investigated. There are a lot of countries out there that Mr. Biden may once have done business with and Mr. Trump is going to use every one of them to take the Dems off their fast track impeachment. Mr. Trump is no politician, but he is a savvy businessman and I think I know what his team is up to.

We only have thirteen months until Mr. Trump faces off with Sen. Elizbeth Warren for the right to be the next president. Make no mistake. Bernie and Joe have blown their brains out and the Democratic base has had enough of them. The nominee will be Warren. So how about this scenario. The Dems quickly get the house to Impeach Mr. Trump, but once they send it to the Senate for trial, the ball is in the president’s court. If you think things are dirty now just wait till the Senate gets their hands on the ball. I am sure at some point the Senate will want to see Mr. Biden’s last seven years of tax returns. It doesn’t matter what the IRS sends the Senate, they will call for an audit.

What a beautiful tool the IRS is to throw a monkey wrench into the soup the audit will be fast track, but it will still eat up precious months, throw in the FBI, the DOJ and time starts to grind to a halt. The Dems have created this monster, and I think Ms. Pelosi will want it back, but we could have the greatest circus in U.S. history. President Trump is on trial in the Senate at the same time as the 2020 election is taking place. He hasn’t been convicted as his trial is still running, but now he is elected president in 2020!

It is almost laughable. The Dems will lose the 2016 Impeachment trial (simple numbers – they can’t possibly get a 2/3 majority in the 2016 Senate). And now they will have to impeach the new president for his crimes during the 2020 election and bring in a new Senate structure. You can’t make this stuff up and when they say truth is greater than fiction you can see what they mean. The Tabloids are going to have the greatest thirteen months in history, no matter who wins!

Todd “Bubba” Horwitz

Financial Markets and Political Commentary


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