FTSE: Strongest weekly close since summer 2018 yet commodity channel index has begun to turn down..Chart/Levels from Analyst, Nicole Elliott – Investors Chronicle.


Sunday’s peaceful protest in Hong Kong turns violent Its pro-democracy organiser is arrested

Reuters has heard that Ventus Lau, who helped organise Sunday’s demonstration in Hong Kong’s financial district, was charged with ‘obstruction of police administration’ and violating the terms set which allowed the protest to go ahead. ‘’It was primarily rioters’ violent acts which led to the suspension of the gathering’’, said Senior Superintendent Ng Lok-chun. This takes place against a background of a SARS-style virus spreading on the mainland, where there’s evidence it can be passed from person to person, ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday which starts Friday.

Violent protests have also taken place in Beirut and some other Lebanese towns again this weekend, one man blinded and another 300 injured as bank branches were attacked. These have limited access to customer deposits for weeks. The UK Treasury has frozen all Hezbollah assets claiming it is a terrorist organisation; previously only its military wing had been designated thus.

Strongest weekly close since summer of 2018 yet commodity channel index has begun to turn down.

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