The Battle for power or Equality – By Todd Horwitz Chief Strategist, BubbaTrading


The Battle for power or Equality

Can we really eliminate history? With the constant political protesting that appears to be the objective of the left trying to take advantage of the black lives matter movement. Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer have not missed an opportunity to turn this political in their attempts to defeat Pres. Trump in the upcoming election.

Winston Churchill said “those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” which is certainly something the left would love to see. Between the media and the far left the only reporting we get is that of how terrible this country is.

One has to ask themselves why those people who hate America so much want to live here. The answer is obvious they want to seize power which allows them to keep the oppressed down.

We all know that history cannot be changed no matter how much you remove it from the history books, no matter how many statues you tear down and no matter how many names you change history will still be there.

There is no doubt that we have seen problems over the years from racism to anti-Semitism to hatred of other minorities however things continue to improve. But there is still a lot of work to do.

Unfortunately, the biggest mouth in these movements has been for reasons of greed power and other selfish reasons. As we look at the biggest mouths of this protest there is the left who wants power, there is Hollywood that wants money and the NBA who wants money.

Where were Lebron James, Colin Kaepernick, Paul Popovich, Steve Kerr, Hollywood, when China the biggest offender of human rights was trying to shut down Hong Kong. They were nowhere to be found because it would cause them all money.

I support peaceful protesting and the BLM movement for the right reasons which is to end racism. However, in I don’t support the agenda of the NBA, Hollywood or the left were trying to use this as a political battle versus the fight for equality.

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