LEFT WILLING TO DESTROY CHILDREN FOR POLITICAL GAIN. “..statistical data does not bear out keeping schools closed at least eighth grade and younger” – By Todd Horwitz, Bubba Trading



It’s that time of year, back to school. Normally children and their parents would be out shopping for back-to-school gear new backpacks pencils paper all kinds of things that younger kids look forward to at this time. However, this year is different.

This year we are contending with the Corona virus and a presidential election. There is a good chance that many schools will not be in session except online. Although the facts do not backup the decision to keep kids out of school, the Democratic Party is doing all it can to destroy Pres. Trump.

Take a minute and forget about what side of the aisle you vote for and think about the children that will be destroyed by missing another year of school. For children under eight these are the most important learning years, developing social skills, learn how to get along in several other things that will never be made up.

If you remember when you were a kid going to school most young kids look forward the school year making new friends, shopping for their school supplies and many other things. Parents enjoyed the school year for many reasons including watching the development of their children. Not to mention that if both parents worked, they would net the pay for daycare or camp in the summer.

Covid 19 is obviously a serious pandemic however, the statistical data does not bear out keeping schools closed at least eighth grade and younger. The mortality rate of that age group shows that the flu has killed more children than Covid. Those are statistics that can’t be manipulated as many are through this ridiculous political battle.

It’s apparent that the only way the left feels they can win is to just destroy business, the lives of children and their parents. The future of this country is our children and to continue to cripple them by halting their learning, destroy their families financially shows you what those on the left really think about people in general.

It’s incredibly sad people will actually destroy the lives of innocent children for political gain. You would think through all the troubles we seen that we would at least keep our children safe. Unfortunately, that is not the case as our children lose precious time that they will never get back


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